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About Us

In 2011, I along with a group of 15 girls, most of them the victim of one or other form of sexual assault decided to fight back. Ours is a group of Survivors. We started an awareness campaign regarding women issues through street plays and workshops under the name Red Brigade; dressed in red and black, red denoting danger and black denoting protest. Learnt self-defense techniques and started training/equipping other girls with the self-defense techniques under the name Mission One Million.

Later in December 2016, we registered our group as "Red Brigade Lucknow" as trust and now working as an organized organization.

Our different activities comprise of:

* Awareness Campaigns regarding Violence against Women
* Workshops related to Self-Defense (Mission One Million), Gender Discrimination, and Good Touch Bad Touch.
* Provide legal assistance to Rape/other Survivors including Acid Attack Victims
* Educate poor girls
* Conduct Awareness programme and workshops with Survivors
* We constantly raise our voice against Sexual violence.

about us

WOmen Empowerement

We are Dedicated in Stopping Sexual Harrashment


Looking beyond to the growth and development in women empowerment in India.


We work among women, young children, kids, teen agers and adults with Nukad Natak or Street Plays.


To banish rape on women not only in Uttar Pradesh by through out India.


We offer self defense consulting and how to protect yourself when no one around you.


We visit schools and other public places and display our objectives and mission through plays and leaflets.


If you are someone looking for support and no one to hear you, then reach us. We are always ready to help you.