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Violences against women are on the rise in India, fuelled by a surplus of frustrated young men with little education, little prospect of finding a wife, ready access to pornography and attitudes towards women that seem out of place in the 21st century. Red brigade empowers underprivileged women and girls throughout India in many ways.

First, RB provide personal safety training and self-defense classes. The mission is to empower one million women and girls through self-defense training.

Secondly, in Lucknow, the streets of Madiyav are dark at night given that streetlights work rarely here. Girls couldn’t move outside their houses post 5 pm.

The Red Brigade patrols streets looking for men harassing or attacking a woman. In a country where a woman is raped every 20 minutes, the group’s extreme measures have won quiet approval from some (like Kavita Krishnan, a leader of the protests against mistreatment of women who thinks they are, a ‘collective assertion of women’s rights’), now taking place in India. Due to the impact of the red brigade, the area is much safer now and girls are looked at with more respect.

Thirdly, about justice issues, it is obvious that a lot of poor girls haven’t the skill necessary to fill a FIR and find advocate. They are sometimes discouraged to ask for justice. The Brigade can offer victims a legal assistance to sue the agressors as well has provide a personnal safety in case of bullying.

Finaly, there is also a widescale discrimination in India in the delivery of basic services to poor people. The Government of India has strongly refused to acknowledge caste discrimination as an international human rights issue, which should be dealt with in the UN. Whether it is water, sanitation or health, the discrimination continues, and government sops have failed to do anything to subdue its impact.

As usual, Girls and women are the very first victims.

The Brigade are planning to create an academy to provide a safe center for girls when they can’t stay at home. In some cases, members of their own family threatened the victim. The girls risks an acid attack or worst.

The academy would be a better place for all, safer with medical care, food, justice assistance and self defence courses.