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Awareness Campaigns regarding Violence against Women – We try to educate women/girls about their rights through street plays and workshops regarding the forms of violence and also throw light on Gender Discrimination. We also conduct rallies, signature campaigns, etc.

Self-Defence- We conduct workshops on Self-Defence. Our mission is to empower atleast one million girls/women in different part of world under the name “Mission One Million (MOM)”. The goal of MOM is to skill girls/women with self-defence techniques which might practically reduce their chances of becoming a victim of sexual assault.

Till date approximately 16000 women and girls have attended self-defence training conducted by Red Brigade in different parts of India – Lucknow, Kanpur, Bhaddohi, Varanasi, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai,Assam, and Kerala.

Good Touch Bad Touch (GTBT) Project – We conduct workshops with children to make them aware of the different types of touches so that they can differentiate between friendly touches and abuses and can also report to their parents/teachers of any mishap. This is a step to prevent child sexual abuse.

Educate Poor/ under-privileged girls – We try to educate poor/under-privileged girls by enrolling them in schools/colleges as we believe the best way to empower girls is through education. Also education might lead them to financial independence and hence may give them strength to stand up against the social odds/violence.

Provide assistance to Survivors of Sexual Assault and Acid Attack – We are working with some survivors of sexual assault as well as acid attacks. We provide them the very needed counselling, prepare them to fight back, provide legal and medical aid where required, and also any other forms of assistance if required.

We also try raising funds for the survivors’ legal and medical aid, if required.

We are committed to constantly raise our voice against all forms of violence against women, especially Sexual Violence.