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Skills to combat violence – “NISHASTRA” is a blend of learning’s of various techniques, incidences, situations & real experiences shared by sexual violence survivors of our group and self-defence techniques of many countries which specifically fits for self-defence against sexual violence, till date we have trained over 1,50,000 girls/women with NISHASTRA, 56,000 out of this was done under the CAVACH Mission of Uttar Pradesh Government and the rest across 7 States and almost 50 prestigious organizations to name a few like Many Universities, Railways, Metros, Banks, Police, Professional Educational Institutions etc.

Programs on the role of women in the freedom struggle (1857-1947) in public domain –

  • First time in history Sarojini Naidu Jayanti was celebrated as National Women's Day at her birthplace by Red Brigade Lucknow in 2018. A march to popularize the National Women’s day was held from 13th February to 2nd March 2018. (18 days activism for popularizing national women’ day).
  • We conducted programmes at 140 places in Lucknow in 2019 dedicated towards 140th Jayanti of Sarojini Naidu.

"Salute to sarojini"

  • We have also started Women’s Warrior Wall depicting the life struggle of the women freedom fighters along with their portrait on the wall of the women freedom fighters..

Research on Women's Role in Freedom Struggle –

Red Brigade Lucknow is continuously doing research on the role of women in the freedom struggle. A big achievement is the identification of 100 female leaders of the first independence struggle (1857).

Economic self-sufficiency of Women –

  • We have started ‘Sabal Kendra’ for women economic empowerment. This Jackfruit Food Point is the first of its kind in Northern India providing more than 25 dishes of Jackfruit and special food for pregnant women.
  • Secondly, we are running ‘Apna Hunar Prashikshan Kendra’ for imparting skill development training to women.

"Beauty parlour training program"

Survivors Support -

We have succeeded in rehabilitating more than 200 sexual violence survivors including 5 rape victims most of them from marginalized backgrounds through activism, legal, educational and counseling support. Some of them have gone on to become strong leaders in their own communities.



Diya or Mehak

Fight for Justice -

Educational Support to poor Girls: We have been mobilizing people to extend financial support for education of poor girls.